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Insurance Arrangements at Chambers Franklyn

At Chambers Franklyn, we recognise the intricate nature of insurance legislation and the compliance risks it poses

To ensure that our clients receive the correct advice and access to all insurance underwriters we have partnered with specialist Strata Insurance Brokers who can provide the best options and specialist products available.

Under the Financial Services Act we as your Strata Managers are only permitted to provide you with general & factual advice in relation to your insurance requirements whereas some brokers are able to also provide you with personal advice.

To enable us to offer our clients a full service when it comes to insurance including being able to offer you access to personal advice and obtain the best access to insurance markets and products we have entered into agreements with the following specialist Strata insurance brokers.

Lync Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

BCB Strata Insurance Brokers

Accounting and insurance services Accounting and insurance services

How does this Service benefit Your Strata Company?

Here are just some of the benefits available to your Strata Company from our service

  • A dedicated Insurance and compliance team that personally organizes and reviews your insurance.
  • Lync & BCB can provide personal advice in relation to your general insurance requirements. This includes recommendations on which policy to take out.
  • Transparent premiums, charges and fees. Often these costs are not transparent or understood.
  • Negotiation with insurance providers to deliver the best premium for your chosen product
  • Access to many tailored strata insurance markets & products not otherwise available
  • Policy comparisons & insurance product recommendations to ensure you have the right product for your strata.
  • Specialist knowledge to assist the Strata Company with strata insurance legislation compliance
  • Easy claims process & handling, advice, and support – regular claims updates sent through to Strata Managers

Disclosure of Interests

The Strata Manager is an authorised representative/distributor of the following insurance providers or originators:

  • Strata Community Insurance Agencies Pty Ltd (AFSL No. 457787), who act on behalf of the insurers Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd (AFSL No. 234708).
  • Body Corporate Brokers Pty Ltd (AFSL No. 244529)
  • Lync insurance Brokers (AFSL No. 305491) with the authority to deal In general insurance products.

As an authorised representative/distributor Chambers Franklyn Strata Management undertakes the insurance related services under the agreed services in schedule 2 of the management contract negotiated with the Strata Company and is renumerated up to 20% commission on the base premium (excluding government taxes, duties and levies) payable by the insurer on placement of your insurance policy.

Andrew Chambers, Director of Chambers Franklyn Pty Ltd is a Director and via a related entity, is a minor shareholder in the following entities:

Property Lync Partners T/A Lync Insurance Brokers

Where we recommend any of the above entities to clients of Chambers Franklyn Strata Management the related entity may indirectly receive dividends from profits of those entities, however any amount received is not guaranteed and is dependent on a share of profits from these entities.

We only recommend products where we feel they are appropriate to our client’s needs.

Irrespective of any of the before mentioned agreements our clients have the right to choose. If they opt to use services from other providers, we will work with them to ensure the best possible outcome for their requirements.

If in acting as Strata Managers, we are notified of an insurance related defect and as agent or distributor we are required to disclose the defect to the insurer, we will not neglect our duty/responsibility based on advice from the Council of a Strata Company not to notify the insurer of the defect.

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