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Andrew Chambers (HFSCM)
Managing Director
President – Strata Community Association (WA)
Honorary Fellow Strata Community Manager
Life Member Strata Community Association (WA)

Andrew Chambers has had a long and distinguished career in the Strata sector that spans more than 30 years.

He is proudly our managing director, but more importantly creates the environment, knowledge, and compassion that inspires every team member (past or present) at Chambers Franklyn Strata Management.

Andrew has been involved in Strata Title Management since 1994 and is the current SCA (WA) President. He is also the immediate past President of the National Strata Community Association (SCA), a Life Member of SCA(WA), one of the longest-serving volunteers in the history of SCA (WA), and was a foundation member of the Strata Titles Chapter for the Real Estate Institute of WA.

Andrew is very passionate about the professionalism and ongoing education of those involved in the strata industry, he was one of the first members of the Strata Titles Institute of WA to become an Accredited Strata Manager and holds the esteemed industry accreditation of Honorary Fellow Strata Community Manager.

Andrew continues to manage several large and diverse strata schemes which ensures he is aware of the current Strata industry trends and situations owners and residents are experiencing.

Mike Mitchell (FSCM)
General Manager
Fellow Strata Community Manager

Mike joined the team at Chambers Franklyn Strata in early 2021 bringing over 13 years of industry experience as a Senior Strata Manager. Mike holds a Fellow Strata Community Manager accreditation with the Strata Community Association and a Diploma in Facility Management from the Property Council of Australia. Having previously been involved with the tourist and hospitality industry in Australia and New Zealand, Mike held several senior management positions and was an accomplished Resort and Hotel General Manager with one of Australasia’s biggest industry providers.

Possessing a strong business acumen, as General Manager Mike strives to create a positive, empathetic culture, personally, mentors our team, freely shares his knowledge and experience, drives education, encourages compassion, and is focused on empowering people to grow within Chambers Franklyn regardless of their job title, while embracing change and progress.

Carolyn Billett
Accounts Manager

Carolyn has been a valued member of Chambers Franklyn Strata Management for over 11 years and has held several positions within the real estate & hospitality industries in WA before starting on her journey with Chambers Franklyn.

Carolyn has grown and developed her skills and knowledge specialising in the strata management and accounting software programs Chambers Franklyn operates. Her wealth of knowledge and dedication to resolving issues and providing support to the team members has earned her the respect of her peers and is a highly valued member of our leadership team.

As the Office Manager Carolyn utilises her eye for detail to ensure that all administrative and accounting issues are dealt with as efficiently as possible. Carolyn shares her knowledge as part of the Chambers Franklyn Staff induction process to ensure that team members become proficient with the software systems and digital management tools we utilise when managing strata schemes.

Patrick (Pat) McMahon (ASCM)
Accredited Strata Community Manager

Pat joined the Chambers Franklyn team in 2004 making him one of the longest-serving Accredited Strata Community Strata Managers in WA.

If it has happened in strata Pat has seen it, lived it, and fixed it before. His proactive approach to change as the industry has grown has made Pat an invaluable team member.

Pat’s 20 years of knowledge has been used to develop and grow Chambers Franklyn into a WA Strata management industry leader. Pat has integrated change into our business ensuring that we continue to adjust to the changes in the legislation and technology used to effectively manage strata schemes of all sizes.

Before joining Chambers Franklyn Strata Management, Pat worked for 19 years in the finance and information technology sectors.

Maintaining a small portfolio of properties Pat shares his knowledge and experience with both our Strata and Associate Managers. Pat is a past member of the SCA WA Education and Training Committee and a volunteer with the SCA WA Advisory Service.

Hafiz Aslam (ASCM)
Accredited Strata Community Manager

Hafiz joined our Strata management team in 2022. Hafiz is a dedicated and accredited strata community manager with a strong educational background and three years of experience in strata management, managing both commercial and residential strata complexes, developing his skills and expertise with a commitment to excellence within the strata industry.

Hafiz holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Accounting, equipping him with a solid foundation in both business strategies and financial management.

"I am deeply committed to continuous professional development, staying abreast of the latest industry trends, legal regulations, and best practices. This ongoing education equips me with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide innovative solutions and exceptional service to my clients. Choosing the right strata manager is essential for the success of your property. I am not just a manager; I am your dedicated partner in ensuring the smooth functioning of your strata complex. I am here to simplify complexities, resolve challenges, and enhance the overall living experience for all the residents."

Ingolf Ruttermann
Senior Strata Community Manager & Business Development

Ingolf has dedicated himself to strata management for over 20 years commencing with Chambers Franklyn in 2008. Before working in Strata management, Ingolf was a successful Real Estate Sales Consultant.

Ingolf has worked as a development consultant, overseeing the commissioning of large-scale new build strata schemes (300 lots +) His executive roles have seen him work on portfolios that require an extensive knowledge of the strata titles Act and he has been engaged as a consultant on government projects, sharing his knowledge with lawyers, local and central planning development officers, and approval panels. Ingolf has worked closely with developers to provide advice on the sustainability of their strata project.

Ingolf is a well-respected Strata Community Manager and is highly regarded by his peers in the strata community industry. Ingolf provides a sense of self-worth to everyone he works with and is a highly valued member of our leadership team.

Kim Rollings
Strata Community Manager

Kim brought to Chambers Frankly over 30 years in real estate conveyancing, land development, and property management when she joined our team in 2017.

She has a passion for learning and can adapt to the constant changes that the property and Strata industry has experienced and will continue to experience as the industry grows and demand for strata living increases. Her knowledge in these Associated industries complements her skills as a Strata Manager.

Living and working in Strata enables Kim to provide genuine support and understanding to the needs of our clients and adds value to the Strata Schemes that she manages.

Rhona Ferguson
Strata Community Manager

Rhona is our newest Strata professional having completed her SCA WA training she joined Chambers Franklyn in 2023.

Rhona holds a B.com in Accounting and possesses an incredible eye for detail especially when it comes to creating Strata Company budgets and reviewing Strata Company's Associated financial reports.

Rhona has been working within the Property and Strata industry for over 6 years and her experience in all assets of business and financial management enables her to share a vast amount of knowledge and experience with her peers Rhona has quickly become a valued member of our strata management team.

Sarah Lower
Strata Community Manager

Sarah joined Chambers Franklyn in 2020 and has developed into a very knowledgeable and structured Strata Manager. Having been involved with real estate and customer service, Sarah excels with her attention to detail and helps create a positive and friendly environment in which we work.

Sarah has an empathetic and considerate approach to dealing with clients while remaining firm, fair, and confident when dealing with and mediating strata issues. Sarah maintains a growing portfolio of both residential and commercial Strata properties and has an unwavering commitment to providing genuine service to her Lot owners.

Sarah is enrolled in the SCA Accreditation Program for Strata Community Managers and Certificate IV in Strata Community Management.

Tara Belczowski
Insurance & Compliance Officer

Tara re-joined our team in 2021 having originally started work with John Franklyn and Associates in 1998 where she worked with Andrew. Tara possesses over 26 years of Real Estate and Strata management experience. Her empathy, compassion toward our client's needs, and understanding of people's challenges make her a great asset to the Chambers Franklyn team.

Managing Insurance and compliance, Tara plays a crucial role, working closely with specialist insurance brokers, valuers, and strata managers, to keep on top of the ever-changing insurance and financial industry compliance requirements that ensure your strata company has appropriate insurance cover for your peace of mind.

Tara has held nearly every position in Chambers Franklyn from reception to Strata Manager, she possesses an in-depth understanding of the strata community Industry the operation systems at Chambers Franklyn, and the needs and wants of clients.

Jessica Guerriero
Associate Strata Manager

Jess joined Chambers Franklyn in 2021 initially working as our receptionist, answering phones and emails. Jess quickly learned that the Strata Industry was like no other. Her passion for knowledge quickly led to her being promoted internally where she has adapted to her role of Associate Strata Manager very efficiently.

Working closely, on an extensive and demanding portfolio with Alex, Jess continues to develop and is currently undertaking the Accreditation Program for Associate Strata Community Managers having obtained her SCA A100, Jess has her eyes set on obtaining a Certificate IV in Strata Community Management.

Kellie Auty
Associate Strata Manager

Kellie is our newest team member and comes to us with a wealth of customer service and leadership knowledge. Kellie's experience with dealing with problems and rapidly finding solutions is a credit to her empathy and understanding of people from all walks of life.

Kellie will be enrolling in the SCA A100 program to further her knowledge and works closely with Kim and Sarah as an Associate Strata Manager and undertakes many of our administrative roles.

Rebecca Bray
Senior Associate Strata Manager

Bec is one of our longest-serving Associate Strata Managers with over fifteen years of experience in all facets of Strata Management and administration.

Bec has helped Chambers Franklyn develop its procedures and operating systems. She has adapted to the ever-changing technology within the workplace and excelled in her management and understanding of client expectations, as communication and the demand for service have evolved from posting letters to the rapid response of social media programs and the internet. Bec is a well-respected member of our team, and you can say with confidence that if it happened in Strata, Bec has seen it and dealt with it.

At Chambers Franklyn we value the knowledge and professionalism Bec brings to the team, her support and patience with team members, clients, and contractors help set the highest of standards we all aim to achieve.

Bec is the Associate Strata Manager to Ingolf Ruttermann and Andrew Chambers.

Tina Tsakisiris
Associate Strata Manager

Tina has been part of Chambers Franklyn as an Associate Strata Manager since 2021 She has formed great bonds with her peers and is a well-respected member of our strata management team working as an Associate Strata Manager alongside Rhona Ferguson.

Her empathy and guidance to our clients, when they are experiencing difficulties, enable people to provide her with their trust, which often results in effective resolutions to situations that could easily become large problems. Tina does not shy away from responsibilities and enjoys the challenges of Strata management, she is always happy to assist when required and likes to collaborate with fellow team members.

Vicki McFarlane
Senior Associate Strata Manager

Vicki commenced with Chambers Franklyn in 2011 assisting in our reception and administration departments. In the 12 years that Vicki has been working with us she has undertaken several roles within our team and has gathered an enormous knowledge of our clients and the strata industry, she is a highly valued member of our team.

Vicki has established herself as a professional Strata Associate Manager and is always happy to assist our new Associate managers. Vicki works closely with Hafiz and together they create a partnership ensuring that our clients are well-serviced and provided with up-to-date and detailed information. Vicki has obtained her SCA A100 certificate which compliments her vast knowledge of strata.

Ashleigh Way
Associate Strata Manager

Ashleigh became part of our team in early 2023 and is our primary point of contact for owners, residents, and contractors when calling our office.

Having worked as a team leader and supervisor in retail and customer service since 2014, Ash has obtained a Certificate IV in retail operations.

Ash thrives when engaging with a wide variety of people and deals with the challenges she faces efficiently and without complaint. Ash sees everything as a new way to learn and help improve the interaction people have with Chambers Franklyn. Her bubbly personality and laughter will always greet you when you visit our office.

Natasha Fallon
Administration Associate

Tash joined Chambers Franklyn in early 2023 and works with our Compliance, Reception & Administration team.

Tash previously spent 3 years working at one of WA’s premier destination Islands, where she played a critical role in planning and scheduling the ongoing and preventative maintenance on the island.

Before this, she worked within the real estate industry preparing their marketing and social media creator, and client service contact.

Tash’s methodical approach to her work ensures that all client feedback is very positive and when she is not dealing with settlement agents and new lot owners Tash will help our front-of-office team.

Rose McCormick
Certified Strata Community Manager

Rose has been working in the Strata Community and property industry for over 15 years and provides Chambers Franklyn with extensive knowledge and understanding of the strata industry.

As an SCA Accredited Strata manager, Rose is focused on customer service and growing relationships within the strata communities she manages.

Rose’s ability to logically resolve situations in a calm and friendly manner ensures that the service she provides to our clients and her presence with the Chambers Frankly team is highly valued.

Asmita Shrestha
Strata Manager

Asmita comes to Chambers Franklyn with a very strong business administration, banking and financial service acumen.

Asmita's journey in Strata commenced in 2022 as an Accounts Manager, where she developed an understanding of strata, working with the council of owners, and owners regarding their accounts, liaising with strata managers helping them review meeting minutes and budgets.

Joining Chambers Franklyn Strata in 2024 as a Junior Strata Manager Asmita manages a growing portfolio as she undertakes her education requirements and learns the professionalism and skills required to manage Strata Schemes at Chambers Franklyn.

Asmita is a breath of fresh air, passionate and motivated to progress her career at Chambers Franklyn Strata Management.

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Thank you for your interest in working with us.
We’re excited to hear from you and thank you for your consideration in partnering with us.
We understand that choosing a New Strata Manager can be time-consuming and challenging, we shall present a proposal for your specific needs.

Request a Proposal

Thank you for your interest in working with us.
We’re excited to hear from you and thank you for your consideration in partnering with us.
We understand that choosing a New Strata Manager can be time-consuming and challenging, we shall present a proposal for your specific needs.

Chambers Franklyn Strata Management
Chambers Franklyn Strata Management

Request a Proposal

Thank you for your interest in working with us.
We’re excited to hear from you and thank you for your consideration in partnering with us.
We understand that choosing a New Strata Manager can be time-consuming and challenging, we shall present a proposal for your specific needs.