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What is a Strata Company?

A strata company is created upon the registration of a strata plan at Landgate (the State Government land department). A strata company is made up of all the owners of the lots comprising the strata plan (also called the strata scheme). Each owner is a shareholder in the company.

What are the Strata Company’s obligations?

The strata company’s obligations are to manage the common property, if any exists, for the benefit of all owners and to hold such meetings as are required by the Strata Titles Act 1985. The strata company is also required to enforce the by-laws. The strata council carries out the duties and obligations of the strata company.

Do I have to contribute money to the Strata Company?

Yes. A strata company is obliged to establish a fund for administrative expenses that, in the opinion of the company, is sufficient for the control and management of the common property and for the payment of insurance premiums and the discharge of any other obligations of the strata company, You are obliged to contribute to that fund by payment of a regular levy, usually quarterly.

You may also be obliged to contribute further money or pay another (special) levy if the strata company decides to establish a reserve fund for the purpose of accumulating funds to meet contingent expenses, other than those of a routine nature, and other major expenses if the strata company likely to arise in the future (eg. infrequent repairs such as roof replacement or renewing bitumen in parking lots or driveways).

What is the Strata Council?

The Strata Council is regarded as the board of directors of the strata company. Councillors are elected at general meetings. Strata companies have a range of duties and discretionary powers that are there to protect and promote the interests of all owners. An active council is the best way of ensuring that those duties are performed and those powers handled correctly. Any owner can be a councillor. The size of a council can be from 3 to 7 people. Meetings are held as and when required and as long as a quorum is achieved those present can exercise all council functions.

What does a Strata Company Manager do?

The role of the Strata Company Manager is to support the Council of Owners with the administration of the Strata Company. For more details please refer to the SCA (WA) guide titled The Role of A Strata Manager.

Who needs the services of a Strata Company Manager?

Generally any Strata Scheme with greater than 6 lots may require the services of a professional Strata Manager.

Will I always deal with the same Strata Manager at Chambers Franklyn?

Yes, each Strata Manager is assigned a portfolio of properties that they deal with exclusively. Our staff structure is such that if the manager happens not to be available their Assistant Strata Manager will be able to handle your enquiries/maintenance requests. When your Manager is on leave then another Manager will cover during their absence.

Are Strata Company funds audited?

Chambers Franklyn DO have their accounts voluntarily audited even though there is no requirement under the Strata Titles Act. Full financial reports are provided at the Annual General Meetings.

Is the Strata Title industry regulated in Western Australia?

At present the Strata Title industry is not regulated in Western Australia.