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Application to Keep a Pet

(Please note that the above contact details will be forwarded to the Council of Owners)

((Please feel free to send documents, vaccination certificates training etc to strata@chambersfranklyn.com.au)

The following standard conditions apply:

  • The Council of Owners reserves the right to refuse an application.
  • Even if approval is granted, the Council of Owners utterly reserves their rights under the standard bylaws for SP [XXX] to ask that the animal be removed after approval has been given due to a breach of the bylaws or any of the conditions set out below.
  • The animal must not make any noise that disturbs other residents.
  • The animal must not behave in any way that disturbs the peaceful enjoyment by other residents or become a nuisance in any way.
  • The animal must not be allowed to roam unrestrained on common property at any time.
  • The animal must not behave in a dangerous and or threatening manner or pose any kind of danger to any resident or their visitors.
  • The animal must not damage the common property or the property of any other residents.
  • Any damage caused to common property by a pet must immediately be made good at the expense to the lot to which the animal belongs.